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atrinityToday the Christian Church celebrates Trinity Sunday, contemplating our belief in the fullness of a Trinitarian God and the continued presence of the Spirit in our midst. I received a gift – my favorite kind – of a book yesterday in which the giver noted a prayer that is perfect for this morning. I offer it (in part) in praise of the Trinity.

Come, Spirit, Spirit of the Father and the Son. Come, Spirit, Spirit of love, Spirit of peace, of confidence, of strength and holy joy…Come, father of the poor, bulwark of the distressed. Come, light of eternal truth, love poured into our hearts…Come then, each new day, more each day. Move us, change us. We put our trust in you…We thank you, life-giver, Holy Spirit that dwells in us, for willing to be the seal of the living God, that seal that marks us your own. Abide with us, Holy Spirit. And change us. Come!