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ateapartyI just had three brief experiences as I breathed in the morning from my rocking chair. First I felt the words, “Yesterday I began a new year of life” and felt all the good birthday moments that had occurred. Secondly I reviewed the lovely “Women’s Tea” that we sponsored yesterday afternoon for 17 women, three of whom came with their mothers to celebrate Mothers’ Day. The day was picture perfect, the food exquisite, the camaraderie delightful and the sense of well-being in the end was worth all the time and energy it took in the preparation. My third “moment” was the concluding sentence of a poem by our friend Terry Benczik entitled One Ordinary Afternoon. I had picked up her book as I sat down moments before, just wanting to step into the day with grace. What I found was the ribbon that tied up the gift of yesterday in a tidy, lovely package that I will take with me into all that comes next. The truth that Terry told me was that “There are no ordinary afternoons.” If I can remember this as I proceed I will surely live more fully, conscious that every day is a birthday and a day to celebrate some small or large moment of blessing.