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abloomThe refrain from this morning’s lectionary psalm woke me up to reality just now. Proclaiming: Let all the earth cry out to the Lord with joy! Psalm 66 reminded me that Easter is not just a day but a season of 50 days in the Christian tradition. From Easter to Pentecost we read the exciting stories of the nascent movement that became Christianity (today from ACTS 8:26-40) and, if we’re paying attention, we touch back into the “wonders that God has wrought” because of the on-going life and teachings of Jesus the Christ.

We’re lucky in that Easter coincides for those of us who live on the East Coast of the USA with spring when daffodils, tulips and irises adorn our gardens and the bushes suddenly are green again with the most delicate of budding leaves. Feelings of hope are automatic here. Even when (as this year) we have seemed to be thrown back into winter with several days of snowfall recently, we know it won’t stick; the ground is already warming and the sun will not be quiet. Morning brilliance is the order of most days – today the perfect example of the psalmist’s cry!

So what is the call of this Thursday of the Third Week of Easter? Only to remember and to do our best to enter what Thomas Merton calls “the cosmic dance” so that we keep alive the certainty of joy that fuels the Christian message. May the peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding and the joy of the season be ours today as we take the next step on this journey we call life.