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afacetreeI’ve been getting a little “antsy” over the past few days. In an attempt to shake off the last vestiges of the virus that has held me hostage for over two weeks, I have been sleeping more and doing less, determining every night that “tomorrow will be better.” Yesterday I decided to “act myself into a new way of being” (an adage I heard long ago that makes a lot of sense to me!) so last night I set my alarm and rolled out of bed even before it rang this morning! My enthusiasm was short-lived – perhaps because it is another cold, rainy morning – so I turned to my friend, Jan Phillips for encouragement and this is what I read from her Tuesday morning thoughts in No Ordinary Time:

There are different ways of looking at the word “discipline.” One brings to mind spankings, standing in the corner, boot camp. Another, more tender reading brings to mind the word “disciple,” one who passes along spiritual wisdom…Our spiritual practice tones our mindfulness muscles, just as physical discipline might tone your abs. The results of mindfulness are tranquility, compassion, spiritual and social awareness, balance, bliss. I could go on. All this is guaranteed, but there is a minimal requirement. Daily practice. Hence, the word discipline.

Well, that was enough for me. Knowing the truth of what Jan expresses in these few sentences, I am at least motivated enough to finish my coffee, put a period on this reflection and move to my mat for centering prayer. That trio complete, I should have mined enough “spiritual capital” to get to the shower, to my car and to the office where the blessing of routine awaits! Happy Tuesday to all!