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aseaI’m going way out on a limb this morning but since I don’t believe anything happens by chance, I’m going to trust it. Coincidentally to reading the lectionary selections for today that began with “Hear, O Israel, the Lord, our God is One,” and ended with Jesus saying (in addition to the first great commandment of loving God), “Love your neighbor as yourself,” I also read a poem by Hafiz, the great Sufi mystical poet of the 14th century. Hafiz is pretty wild and sometimes shocking, but the shock often pushes us more easily into the deeper meaning of what he writes. So here, written as a narrative instead of the way he writes his verse, is what he says today – that I think is relevant in our time, especially for those who believe our oneness includes all of creation.

Resist your temptation to lie by speaking of separation from God. Otherwise we might have to medicate you. In the ocean a lot goes on beneath your eyes. Listen, they have clinics there too for the insane who persist in saying things like: “I am independent from the Sea, God is not always around gently pressing against my body.”