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aflagThere seems no end of discord and destruction in our country right now. From the political rhetoric in the presidential campaigns to the destruction of floods and tornadoes ripping through states from the deep south to the northeast, there is an unsettling energy that pervades our days. We long for a quieter spring season and for campaign reform that will limit the time and money spent on the electoral process. We pray for the end of the divisiveness that is rampant and the daily fare of our media reporting. An earnest prayer of Thomas Merton resonated in my heart this morning as a reminder of our true path. I offer it here as a course correction for those of us tempted to step away from our Lenten journey in the face of challenges.

Almighty and merciful God, Father of all, Creator and Ruler of the Universe, Lord of History, whose designs are inscrutable, whose glory is without blemish, whose compassion is inexhaustible, in your will is our peace. Bless our earnest will to help all races and peoples to travel, in friendship with us, along the road to justice, liberty and lasting peace: but grant us above all to see that our ways are not necessarily your ways, that we cannot fully penetrate the mystery of your designs and that the very storm of power now raging on this earth reveals your will and your inscrutable decision. Grant us to see your face in the lightning of this cosmic-storm, O God of holiness. Grant us to seek peace where it is truly found. In your will is our peace!

May we see ourselves as instruments of God in the world, uniting ourselves to the saving will of God for the good of all, working toward unity and peace rather than adding to the discord that only leads to destruction. For such unity and peace is the will of our God.