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agodsupportAs I continue to consider this Lent as a journey, I am struck again this morning with the power of the Psalms for support along the way. This morning the psalmist is not only in conversation with God but also with those whose paths intersect from day to day. The sentiments remind me not only to praise God for all that occurs but also to encourage my companions to stay the course and walk in the light. May we all be willing today to do the same.

My soul fills up and overflows with joy; all humble-hearted ones know this. They too are glad. O you who hear and know this inner state of joy, praise God with me, join strength to strength, your praise with mine. For I went out in search of you, my God, and when I found you near and listening, my fears and terrors fled away at last. Turn then, and look at God, your face shall also shine, glistening, but not with tears. And even in the midst of troubles sore, look long and never be ashamed. See, it is God who hears and saves your life. (Psalm 34)