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agroundhogToday begins the shortest month of our calendar year. Many people have commented on their sense of how fast time is going. “Where did January go?” they ask. Luckily for those people, this year – this “leap year” – we have an extra day in February so perhaps the 29th will feel like an extra breath, a moment of time to be cherished. February is known in the Northeast as “the dead of winter” although this year we’re a little confused about what season we’re actually in since yesterday the weather was sunny and the temperature reached 50 degrees (F). As usual at the beginning of a month, I will look at my calendar today to consider what it holds and hope some measure of balance meets my gaze. If not, I will take to heart a little dialogue at the end of Meg Wheatley’s book Perseverance called “Time to Play” that might help others too.

A busy executive was speaking to her six year old niece at the end of a particularly frustrating day. She’d spent the better part of the day trying to get a new printer installed. Nothing had worked, and she was exhausted and very frustrated. On the phone with her young niece, she described in general terms how frustrated she was. Her niece asked, “Did you try hard?”  “Yes,” she replied. “Did you try really, really hard?” “Yes, I did.” “Well then,” said the six year old, “now it’s time to go out and play.”

May February be a time of blessing for us all!