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ajesusmountainI’m sitting in my assigned bedroom at our Motherhouse, three stories off the ground. I am here until tomorrow for meetings and had determined to sleep as long as I could this morning. Having retired before 10:00pm, I was not surprised to read 6:22 on the clock in my room when I woke; it was enough sleep. Although the temptation to put off the inevitable moment of rising was strong, I was won over by the beauty of the morning star, the deep, deep blue of the sky and a thin line of magenta light out my window in the east. I have not been disappointed with the progress of the dawning day.

This morning’s gospel (MK 3:13-19) has Jesus going up a mountain – a place he often chooses for prayer. I’m not surprised at his choice as the view is always better on the heights (as I can attest this morning); clarity is not often interrupted by sight or sound. There is a lot more to reflect on in the passage from this morning. Take just the following lines (a shortened version):

Jesus went up the mountain and summoned those whom he wanted and they came to him. He named them (the Twelve) Apostles and anointed them to preach and to drive out demons.

It sounds like Jesus went up the mountain with a purpose. Was there a crowd following him or had he already invited some people along on his journey? “Summoning” seems more determinative that inviting, especially as the gospel indicates that he wanted these particular “Twelve.” What did he see in them? There must’ve been more than good personality traits, although those are generally indicative of something deeper, because preaching and driving out demons/healing are rather specific skills. Or did the call of Jesus begin the transformation that allowed these skills to manifest in those chosen? I am most interested in the fact that these were those he wanted to be with him and they came. What that says to me is that Jesus was not interested in doing his ministry alone; he desired companions. What more might be discovered from a longer reflection on these words? I’ll have to let it sit in me since the long awaited sun just peeked out over Troy, New York and is now blazing forth with a call to prayer with my companions of the day, the Sisters who are likely already in the chapel waiting on the Lord. Such are the blessings to me this morning!