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akindhandOur work at this meeting is complete. We have had three extraordinary days – intense and sometimes difficult, but never contentious – that yielded some surprising and welcome results. This was all done in an atmosphere of prayer and deep listening which,, for me, is the best explanation of our success. Meg Wheatley wrote something in her book, Perseverance, that expresses how I feel this morning; it could apply to any situation so I want to share it here.

The potential for joy is always present in us but, like everything in life, that potential only becomes evident in relationship. We can’t analyze whether joy exists, or hope to discover it from a remote, isolated position. We have to be together. We have to be in service to one another to discover our essential goodness.

Today I pray a blessing on the ten women who have shared these days with me and all the people who have welcomed us in so many ways here in St Louis, as well  as those who will welcome us home today or tomorrow in New York, Minnesota, California, Hawaii and Peru. May all of us – and all of you – help each other to discover our essential goodness every day!