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abeautynaturalAs I begin to write this morning I hear Julie Andrews singing in my head as she leaves the monastery: What will this day be like? I wonder…It’s Saturday and yet at 6:15AM my mind is already spinning like a top with all that awaits me. Yesterday I spent much of the day preparing for today’s morning of reflection and sharing with seven women who have responded to an invitation to “Come to the Quiet” at Sophia House (see our website). I hope my vision and their desire for what will happen there coincides. From there I will go to the Islamic Center of the Southern Tier of New York. They are having an “open house” where I hope to find a way for us to collaborate on an event at the Sophia Center under the title of “Who is my Neighbor?” What will happen after that is anybody’s guess. I’m accompanied as I go forward by Macrina Wiederkehr’s words that urge me on.

Anointed by your morning light I lift my spirit to receive the gift of this new day. Open my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me that I may walk through this day with the kind of awareness that calls forth grateful living. In all of creation let me see the brightness of your face. Shine in my heart and on my life, filling me with joy, creativity, hope and laughter…May I live with the kind of presence that enables others to feel at home. Great Dawn of God, hear my prayer. (Seven Sacred Pauses, p.59)

May your day be similarly blessed!