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loving eyesLast evening I shared some thoughts on contemplative prayer with a friendly group of people in Syracuse, NY. We were speaking specifically of the method of Centering Prayer, different from other forms of meditation in that the practice is one of intention rather than attention. One simply makes the intention to be in God’s presence and then lets go of all thoughts as they arise during the period of silence. I said at one point that God’s presence is assured; it is our consciousness that wanders away. All we need to do is to return to the One who always waits for us.

In this morning’s psalm, I read a line from a modern translation that supports my image of God companioning me during the prayer. It reminds me of something I heard long ago that says, “Our desire for God is also God’s desire for us” but goes even deeper in touching my heart. Listen as you read it aloud. Then picture yourself looking at God and seeing this desire in God’s eyes.

God searches out the faces turned in love and trust with eyes that long to catch our glimpse of recognition. (PS 147:12) May we all be blessed with the ability to recognize God in this day.