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aworshipThis morning there is little evidence that it is, in fact, morning. Just ten minutes before 7:00 there is yet no light in the sky…It takes the psalmist to wake me to the reality of another day, reminding me to welcome God, the inner light that guides our every step. Two poetic translations of Psalm 96:5-10 lift me up to meet whatever waits to greet me. I offer them as recognition and a call to morning praise from all on earth to God.

Yield to Love, O families of the earth, yield to Love glory and strength! Yield to Love and learn of justice; make of yourselves an offering and be guided by Love! Bow down in adoration and holiness; for worthy is the Beloved to be praised over all the earth!

O, the beauty of your presence, God! O, the splendor and power in which you dwell! Come close, all families of the earth, and make your voice of praise be heard. This is your God, bring all you have and offer it in honor of that sacred name. Let all that’s holy be the beauty in which you worship God. Come close, draw near in awe, then tell the truth to everyone; God is the sovereign over all who governs you and earth with equal justice, equal care.