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aboychristmas.jpgI had the rare privilege as evening came yesterday of participating in a Christmas liturgy that began with a brief “pageant” starring the youngest members of the parish. Although they performed their designated tasks with just a bit of prompting from the faith formation director, virtually unseen in the front pew, they were totally themselves, not concerned with being “perfect” but rather being part of something important. And why should they have worried? We all know the Christmas story, after all! Later in the evening, I followed Santa (thanks to the NORAD site) in his progress around the globe, from the Ukraine through Peru and Ecuador to Colombia, praying as I watched for the children in those countries who believe in possibility and keep hope alive for a full and joyful life. This morning as I checked that Santa was safely back at the North Pole, I scanned the globe and saw the statistic that announced Santa’s delivery of 7,281,439,471 gifts! I was hoping that many of the gifts contained a measure of joy not only for the children but for families as well.

As I reflect on all of this I am very aware of how wide my world has become because of the internet, membership in the Sisters of St. Joseph, participation in the web of Wisdom seekers who share in the “lineage” of Cynthia Bourgeault and Christianity. I am grateful for relationships of family and friends and for the reminder of all these connections because of the event that is commemorated on this holiday (holy day). May we all drink deeply of the well of love that is the reason we gather to celebrate today. Christmas Blessings to all!