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fallloveEverything was quiet at Kanuga Retreat this morning as I trudged to the dining room for coffee. The morning star was visible in the dim light reminding me of the Scripture that promises the morning star shines clear in the sky, offering the Word of life. Everyone but the 19 interns and staff to our Wisdom School departed yesterday, knowing that we had truly experienced God’s word in so many ways this week.

Those of us who remain will continue what began yesterday afternoon as an attempt to process how such a large gathering could have felt so intimate and what we learned about ourselves and about wisdom both in the teachings of the wise and wonderful Cynthia Bourgeault and in the practices that we did together in small and large convenings. This has definitely been one of those times when “you had to be there” in order to catch the depth and meaning. None of us will be able to adequately explain it because it was not just the activities themselves but the energy generated that created the experience. One way I will remember the lesson of it all is through a chant that rose up in me to the rhythm of my walk to the coffee machine this morning. I hope I am able each day to “Fall fearless into love, fall fearless into love; fall fearless into Love.”