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Paris Mountain State ParkYesterday afternoon I had a little time to walk around the grounds at this beautiful retreat and conference center that encompasses 1,400 acres. There are many paths to choose, some mostly sunlit, some deeper in the woods. Some of the paths are clearly marked and some partially obscured by leaves and twigs and undergrowth. They all lead in beautiful directions even though some demand more care in the walking. It was difficult to choose a path yesterday as I needed to be aware of my time limits and sure I could get back to the conference room by 3:00.

Life is sometimes like that. There are paths that I clearly knew to avoid. Other choices are more difficult, especially if some of the stops along the way are not clear in the beginning. At this moment in time I feel as if I am determined on a life path, although my walk is sometimes slow and careful in order to avoid some of the directional mistakes I made in the past. Now my prayer is with the psalmist who sings confidently this morning, Lord, you will show me the path of life, fullness of joy in your presence!