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franceThis morning I opened the website where I find the daily readings (www.usccb.org) with a heavy heart, wondering if I could say anything of worth after last night’s deadly ISIS attack in Paris. The first line of the gospel said this: Jesus told his disciples a parable about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary. (LK 18:1).

There can be no better answer and it calls me to remember constantly our brothers and sisters, not only in Paris, but all over the world where refugees are fleeing for their lives, people are mourning their loved ones killed in terrorist attacks and war continues to be waged in so many quarters. I am one of the lucky ones – surrounded this week by people whose purpose of prayer and deepening in God is palpable, so I invite all who read this to join us in gathering the light and sending it out to all those in need, believing that God is faithful and that love can, indeed, conquer all.