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agiftAgain this morning we have summer temperatures, long past when we have come to expect “Indian Summer” sometime in October. It has been delightful for the past week to be outside without donning November outer wear. The “rude awakening” is coming though as the mercury is scheduled to plummet by tomorrow leaving us facing not only the early dark of the late afternoon but also normal temperatures for November.

I’ve been noticing this kind of pleasant happening in other ways than weather. One plain, sort of humdrum, busy day this week I got a call from a woman who belongs to the church community where my office is located. We’ve had some conversations over the years but nothing consistent. She just called to tell me that she and her husband are moving south for the warmer climate – leaving today as it happens. The real purpose for her call, however, was to thank me. “You can’t imagine'” she said, “how much you have helped me in my life.” What a lovely surprise! I had no idea! It was like sunshine and warmth in the midst of November – such a kind thing for her to say and a reminder that we hardly ever know the impact of our presence in the lives of others.

The message today is to stay awake in order to catch those surprise gifts from God. (Sometimes they are not so blatant as what I have described.) I am off this morning to New Hampshire to help lead a “Community of Wisdom Practice” weekend at the beautiful Hallelujah Farm where internet is so spotty. I’m sure there will be many gifts, especially if I am attentive to what is right before my inner eyes. I will leave you to a weekend of practice also and will return to this blogging task on Tuesday. May we all experience wonderful things as we go about our daily rounds!