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barnVery often these days, I hear people talk about “de-cluttering” and as soon as one person says the word, others chime in with their determination to do the same. My response, when speaking of this necessity – or simply when I encounter more than enough “stuff” somewhere – is “bigger barns…”

Luke’s gospel today tells of a man whose land produced a bountiful harvest, all of which would not fit in his barns. Rather than sharing he decided to build bigger barns that would store not only the harvest but all his goods, thereby giving him a great life wherein he could “rest, eat, drink and be merry.” (LK 12:13-21) Most of us know the end of that story as “for tomorrow you die.” It certainly is a cautionary tale. Jesus ends by saying, “Thus will it be for the one who stores up treasures for himself but is not rich in what matters to God.”

Today I will renew my intention to inventory my “goods” and give some of them away but will also spend some time thinking about what matters to God. Just as a beginning of that musing I hear from inside the words generosity and awareness of those who cross my path. No need for bigger barns here, just wideness of heart!