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autumnsunriseI have been slow to notice – or perhaps just to admit – that we are close to the Autumn Equinox, yet this morning I cannot ignore the fact that things are changing.

It’s 6:30AM and the sun is nowhere to be seen; mist still lies heavy outside veiling the trees in shadow. The lamp in my bedroom still shines brightly and necessarily if I am to see what I’m reading. We have begun to feel the transition in cool nights that follow warm, sunny days and mowing the lawn is a challenge as the grass is thick in some areas and just patches of brown in others. There is some wistfulness in the recognition of this shift; it calls for those who would wish to still be engaged in the lighter activities of summer to “buckle down” and return to routine. I can always count on Thomas Merton to put a good spin on any morning, encouraging me to look at the day with new eyes and gratitude for the God who offers it to us with an aura of possibility. Today I read the following:

The Lord God passes suddenly, in the wind, at the moment when night ebbs into the ground. He Who is infinitely great has given to His children a share in His own innocence. His is the gentlest of loves: whose pure flame respects all things…He keeps giving to them, giving them all that they are, asking no thanks of them save that they should receive from Him to be loved and nurtured by Him, that they should increase and multiply, and so praise Him. (The Sign of Jonas)