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doerThis morning as I wake up to a new week I am flooded with the realization of the end of summer – both by the calendar and a tiny chill in the air. There is an innate “mental motor” that is already buzzing, as if I know there is only a week now until school starts and that I need to be ready…a rather interesting feeling since even graduate school ended for me 37 years ago! Whether or not we have anything to do with school, however, the academic schedule rules most of life in this country. For many groups and institutions summer is a time when it is futile to hold meetings because there are always some people on vacation and even if no one is traveling, serious business seems taboo. As I sit here wondering how September can possibly be only 48 hours away, I am also hearing the list of tasks that face me in the coming week…

The Letter of James (1:17-27) gives me a clue this morning about how to face the coming day, week and season in a responsible manner that will not allow laziness or procrastination. It is an interesting turn of phrase for someone like me who does a fair amount of thinking and writing. James says, “Humbly welcome the word that has been planted in you.” Okay so far; I’m always glad to have something to say, often knowing that the impetus for the message is truly beyond me. But then comes the September line: “Be doers of the word and not hearers only,” he says. No more time for putting off until tomorrow. The first day of school was always exciting for me, pregnant with all sorts of possibility. That same feeling has begun to take shape inside as I face this new season in the school year of life. What new creation is being birthed? I wonder! The only way to find out begins now. I’m off to find out, and I’m all ears for what to do!