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Psalm 85 is seen by some scholars as a hymn based on the experience of return from exile and is expressive perhaps of what can happen to us first personally and then corporately when we turn toward God as the center of life. This is beautifully expressed in all three translations that I read this morning. Here is my favorite.

To everyone who turns their face towards you, you come so close and glory floods the landscape of the soul. And in the secret places of the heart your mercy and your truth shall meet at last in full embrace, and right-relationship and peace kiss one another there. So truth is finally born in full; it springs from earth full grown, and heaven reaches out restoring balances to all. And from that marriage, prosperity unmeasured fills the lands and yields a harvest of unimagined good, and makes the path of justice smooth between all peoples everywhere, for everything in you knows perfect peace. (vs. 9-14)

May it be so in our world in our time!