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facingdawnThere’s a heat wave gripping our country – practically from coast to coast – that saps energy and makes it difficult both to sleep at night and to wake up in the morning. Macrina Weiderkehr helped me to finally open my eyes this morning and stumble toward the coffee with renewed purpose as she urged me to Rise Early:

Rise early when morning darkness still enwraps the trees. Walk into the dark forest with only your attentive heart. Gaze toward the east, take a deep breath and wait. After a short while you will see God carrying a lantern through the forest, bits of light bobbing up and down, in and out, higher and higher, the light climbs, spilling over into the spaces between the leaves and on into the world beyond the forest. Then the beautiful darkness hands you over to the light. It slips away reverently into the bark of the tree trunks, into the black earth, into all those other countries that wait for its return. Lift your face to the daystar now. Experience the coming of dawn. Bathed in the morning light, pray that the lantern of your life move gently this day into all those places where light is needed. (Seven Sacred Pauses, pp. 64-65)