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peaceheartThe gospel verse this morning urges: “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.” (PS 95:8) Macrina Wiederkehr expands on the line by giving examples of what that might entail for us. There are mornings, she says, when I simply sit in silence trying to remember some of the things that need to rise in me: a tolerance for those who don’t agree with me, a refusal to judge others, a willingness to forgive, greater effort to live with a non-violent heart, loving thoughts toward those who don’t exactly dote on me, a calm and hopeful spirit in the midst of my anxieties, discipline in my daily personal prayer, attention and faithfulness in my daily work, a holy anger for injustice in our world. As I remember these necessary risings in my life, the wings of my heart slowly begin to unfold. All praise to you, Giver of the Morning! (Seven Sacred Pauses, p. 61-2)

Sometimes I awaken from sleep ready to accept all those challenges. Today, I think I’ll start with one and see how far I can go from there.