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mirrorThe psalmist is rather brave this morning in asking God to “search me, O Lord, and try me; test my soul and my heart.” (PS 26:2) Other translations say, “Put me to the test, O Lord. Examine the inner contents of my soul” and “May my heart be as your heart; may my mind be as your mind.” Each of these calls us to radical honesty in assessing how we are living and reminds me how difficult it is to “tell the truth, the whole truth…” when others might disagree or when I know I have not lived up to my potential. The most comfortable people I know are those who can laugh at themselves and accept their shortcomings while exuding love to all they encounter. If we need to protect our self-image and only show our bright, competent side to the world, others have little chance to come to care for the “real me” and the loss is mine. If, on the other hand, we can stand before God just as we are and know that God knows everything about us and loves us for all of it, we can take that confidence with us into relationships with other people. Then it becomes easier to be authentic and less important to be perfect. What a lovely world that would create!