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fl1Yesterday was a perfect day for outside work – sunny and cloudy at intervals, not too hot but warm enough…a day to marvel at the changing faces in the flower gardens (e.g. from irises to lilies) and to be grateful. I was amazed as I rode along mowing how much the grass is still growing in a week’s time. Usually by this late in June it has slowed down a bit. Local vegetables are appearing in the markets and the corn continues to out-distance all expectations and looks like we will be seeing tassels soon. I think of the people who will come to our retreat center this weekend and those who joined us last weekend in New Hampshire and I know that the growing energy is an “inside job” as well. Psalm 128 is a great reminder of all these blessings and a fitting prayer of praise this morning, I believe. I have read three translations. Here is my favorite:

Blessed are you who walk upon the paths of God. Your life is filled with hidden blessings which overflow from your hands, the gift of many labors. And blessings like fruit-bearing trees and vines spring forth and flourish from the garden of your house; your spouse and children are its yield. And all who honor God upon this path shall know a cornucopia of good. For it is God, the center of the heart, who prospers life until its end. So you who hear and pray this prayer, come close and live within the circle of God’s care. And may God’s special peace be yours, one generation to another.