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calmwindsOne of my favorite memories of our February trip to Israel is our visit to the Mount of the Beatitudes. Looking out from that peaceful place down to the Sea of Galilee, I was reminded of many gospel stories of fishermen and their encounters with Jesus. At one moment I saw (and actually have a picture to prove it!) two boats in the distance, probably plying the same trade as in the days of Jesus. I thought then of the storm at sea, recounted in all the synoptic gospels – today in MK 4:35-41 – when Jesus showed his power in calming the wind. His challenge to the disciples that day after he had stilled the waters echoes down through history to us. “Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?”

Each time I’m sitting by water, whether a quiet lake or a vast ocean, I think of the quote that I saw attached to a picture like the one I snapped in Israel. I saved it and learned this morning that it’s from Psalm 107: “He hushed the storm to a gentle breeze…and brought them to their desired haven.” That always reminds me that no matter the “storms” in my life I need only breathe into the conviction that God is with me and will see me through to the end.