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heartbookThe more I reflect on the words of Jesus, the more I realize how great a role the process of discernment must play in life. Each section – sometimes each line – of Matthew’s rendering of the Sermon on the Mount (Ch. 5-7) strikes a chord worthy of some consideration. Today there’s consideration of what constitutes treasure in our lives. As I look around my room it is clear that my most treasured possessions are books – not just words on a screen but actual, physical books that I can hold in my hand, feeling the texture of paper as I turn the pages, savoring the musty smell of the oldest of them…you get the picture. But then I think that more important treasure for me lies in relationships, beginning with family and community, multiplied with the hundredfold of friends and teachers, co-workers and guides that have carried me forward in life and led me to the greatest treasure of all: life in God.

If I’m honest I have to admit that sometimes I get sidetracked into “treasure” that seems to be gold but turns out to be dust. I think we all get hooked in that way, at least occasionally. The way of vigilance in avoiding that kind of temptation is simply offered in MT 6:21 where Jesus says, “Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” So I ask myself today if I could let go of my books if necessary…and if I recognize that some relationships are forever but some are purposed for a particular time in life…and I look to my heart for surrender, reminding myself to always set my heart in the heart of God.