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lightshineOccasionally when I am rattling on about something, not coming to the point, I hear my father in my head saying, “Short stories!” and I know it’s time to summarize. This morning’s readings give me a clear opportunity to do so. In Matthew’s gospel, following the Beatitudes, Jesus makes comparisons, the crux of which says, “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” (MT 5:13-16) He explains what those metaphors can mean for us but this morning I’ll leave that to your imagination as you ponder how you can become salt and light.

I’m led to add the last line of the gospel passage since it is heard twice this morning, first as the gospel acclamation and then as conclusion of the gospel message itself (for emphasis perhaps). Let your light shine before others, Jesus says, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father!

Enough said.