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holdlightHaving just come from three days in the company of a dozen people who are seeking to open their hearts more deeply to God in the study of wisdom, I was taken by this morning’s psalm. The title given in an alternative translation for Psalm 112: 1-6 is The Seeker of Wisdom and the message is clear.

Hallelujah! I speak in praise of all the truly blessed upon the earth. They stand in awe, aware of God, and listen carefully to every breath and word God utters. They grow and spread across the land; their children’s generations are also full of blessedness. Their houses fill with wealth and good and all relationships of theirs are just and fair. In all the dark and bitter places of their lives the light remains and brightly burns with mercy and compassion, for these they balance with righteous laws. They share their wealth with generosity of heart. In the times of chaos they are firm and planted deep, for they are held by you in full remembrance.

May we all continue in blessedness because of our willingness to “listen carefully to every breath and word God utters” and to know, in times of chaos, that we are held by God. In this way the light of mercy and compassion will guide us faithfully and we will become that light to all we meet.