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ancestorsThis morning I have a sense of my paternal grandmother, a strong woman, standing tall as my mother opened the door to her when she came to visit. Perhaps I was dreaming of her…

The psalm for today is full of praise, universal and through the ages. At the temple in the city of peace they bring their gifts and raise their voice in thankfulness…Let tribute, then, from all the nations come…Let everything be offered up in praise and prayer from East and West and North and South their voices raised. O Rider of the powers of heaven and earth, send forth a voice, a mighty voice. Awaken us to majesty beyond all time. Restore us to our ancient strength again, so we may say, how great your deeds, O God, O Holy One who rides the heavens. (PS 68:29, 32-36)

I think, as I read these words, that this image of God is somewhat native American as God is riding through the creation on the winds, singing to us in “a mighty voice” calling us to remember our ancestors and all who have influenced us on the journey and to sing back praise for all that is.