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compassionateSometimes Mondays are a challenge, depending on weekend activities and what today holds of work and other necessities. Sometimes it’s a day of enthusiasm, offering an opportunity to start again. In a dawn reflection author Macrina Wiederkehr writes the following:

“Morning is a call to our own resurrection, and so we reflect on what needs to rise in us. On some days, we may need to awaken to joy. Or perhaps we need to pray that a positive attitude for our work will be resurrected. Sometimes it is compassion for a particular co-worker, an aging parent, an alienated spouse, a troubled teenager or a colicky child that is needed. If you prayerfully look into your heart, you will probably know what kind of resurrection needs to take place to honor the Awakening Hour…No life
holds only joy and gladness; mixed in with delight is grief, doubt and
discouragement. Yet there is something very special about joy. It is quite
different from the happiness that can be short-lived and fleeting. Joy is the
ability to live with and through the sorrows…’Joy,’ the novelist Eugenia Price says, ‘is God in the marrow of our bones.'”

May today be a blessed Monday for each of us.