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lawnThis morning my intention is to get outside early to work in my garden patch a bit and then to “play pick-up-sticks” gathering all the branches strewn all over the land by winter and early spring winds. That way I’ll be able to mow the lawn unhampered this afternoon when the temperature rises above normal, making the effort of this morning’s tasks prohibitive. One has to plan WITH the earth for greatest efficiency – as she can be capricious and always wins the spontaneity game. But how I love the days when I am able to be outside in the midst of little miracles: the feeling of the fresh air, the scent of newly turned soil, the bursting of buds! Today I will sing with the psalmist as I walk out the door: “O, lands of the earth, fill up with joy, and overflow in the service of your God. Come before the holy presence, singing…” (Ps. 100:1)