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egypstianbusdriverStill in San Francisco, California for a for a short visit with my brother, I read the following from today’s lectionary: “All you nations, praise the Lord!” That is the repeated refrain (Ps. 87) which is followed in the first verse by: “They come from Babylon and Egypt, as those who know the Lord” and I am immediately thrown back to late yesterday afternoon at the end of our trolley ride to Fisherman’s Wharf. It was an experience – the jammed full car with the joyful driver who kept ordering people to “Stand back! Door is closing!” – so I turned to take a picture as we walked away. In the frame was an oldish man who immediately began to wave and smile, so I took the picture and thanked him for the wonderful addition he was to the image. He told us he was from Egypt and said that we should come to visit and he would take our picture there. We laughed and promised to look him up should we ever have the good fortune to visit. It was an enchanting thought and lovely moment.

There were crowds of people of many descriptions walking around enjoying the day and we seemed far away from any stress or violence. I will remember that today as I am thrown back into the world of CNN and other news agencies that today are concerned with rioting in Baltimore and intense grief in Nepal. We are one world and I need to think of and pray for my brothers and sisters everywhere with gratitude for the camaraderie that can be found anywhere and for those in distress both far and near. My prayer continues to be that all may be one and that my participation will add to the unity by walking always toward deepening love.