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lightningIt was difficult to go to sleep last night. Thunder and lightning the like of which I have not experienced in quite some time accompanied wind and torrential rains, washing away the last of winter. It seemed to last for hours. It’s still raining a little this morning but quietly; all that’s left to do is the clean up of branches strewn everywhere around the yard. Thanks to my father who taught us to revere storms, counting the seconds between lightning and thunder to determine the storm’s distance away from us, I am never afraid of their power or potential for destruction. I am aware but never afraid.

I am reminded of that gift of confidence in a short section from this morning’s responsorial psalm (#31 – alternate translation) that sings: So come then, God, deliver me. You are my solid ground in sinking sand, a place that’s firm to plant my feet and stand. You are for me a shelter safe, a guide upon the path of life. So today my prayer is two-fold. I pray for those who have experienced great loss from storms and need to have their trust in God and in life rebuilt. Smiling, I pray in gratitude for my father and for people the world over who are like God in their ability and willingness to be a safe shelter for others in times of need.