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dawnSoon after I responded to the wake-up call on my alarm this morning, the sun appeared on the eastern horizon. It seemed early to me but since I am sleeping on the 4th floor at our Motherhouse in Latham, New York I was not really surprised as the higher you go, the earlier it appears. Within fifteen minutes it was fairly blazing. Not so with the internet. Access is often not available that high up in this house. As I descended the stairs to the ground floor I found myself conscious (unusual at 6:15AM!) of the act of downward motion and opened myself to an analogous inward movement of spirit. I arrived at the computer room and accessed the Sunday readings with a ready heart, sunshine blazing to my right. I smiled as I read the psalm refrain, so perfect in the moment: Lord, let your face shine on us! I will take that line as a sunny reminder into our meeting today, accompanied in my heart by the benediction in today’s gospel (LK 24), given to the disciples by Jesus for all time: Peace be with you.