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shareThis morning as I read the story of the loaves and fishes (JN 6:1-15), I started thinking about the generous boy who didn’t hide or hoard his food but willingly made known what he had. And look what happened; he was the conduit for a miracle! Because of the internet, that kind of miracle can happen often now. If someone (and it seems even more engaging if it’s a child or teenager) tweets about a cause, the result is often stunning in money collected or people joining the effort. It’s heartwarming to read those stories.

I’m back with the boy in the story, however. He didn’t have a lot. He just shared his lunch. So today I wonder what I’ll be called to give up or share of myself or my goods for someone else. I hope I will share. I hope I will even notice the one who is asking either verbally or silently. It will take mindfulness on this rainy day when sleep seems more attractive than staying awake. A deep breath of determination is a start, so that I’m able to manage – and now for the next breath, and the next…