robinLooking out my window this morning, I might surmise that we are still in the “dead of winter” although the calendar says spring will be here by the end of next week. Why should we believe it when the snow is still deep and the temperatures dipping into the teens at night? Well, for one thing, I hear birds again outside for the third day in a row, singing a welcome to what will surely come. A friend told me she saw a robin yesterday and we know that is a sure sign.

The prophet Hosea is a great model of hope and perseverance. He understands God’s ways because of his relationship with his wife Gomer, forgiving her again and again for her lack of faithfulness because of the great love he has for her. He even uses nature in his image of God’s love for us, a lovely one for this morning. His hope is contagious and his certainty calming; and sets me on a gentle, peaceful course for this day.

Come, let us return to the Lord…to live in his presence. Let us know, let us strive to know the Lord; as certain as the dawn is his coming…He will come to us like the rain, like spring rain that waters the earth.