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liftusupThis morning I can do no better than to simply copy out the verses of the responsorial psalm (147:1-7) which lifts my spirit as it reminds me of the God whose constancy has companioned humanity throughout the ages. This same God remains to raise us up and heal us all our lives.

Hallelujah! My whole being longs to be a song in which you, my God, are always the refrain. So let this canticle of praise, which is my life, bring honor to your name. The music for this song began in ages past when you, O God, drew back the exiles from afar, when you rebuilt your ancient city called Jerusalem. And now it sings the healing of our shattered hearts, the binding up of all the wounds our world has caused.

The chorus of the stars each named by you sings out and adds its voice. It sings the majesty of God and wisdom’s boundless name. For God steps down and raises up in tenderness all those who live in grief; and just as surely God subverts all wickedness and casts the wicked in defeat upon the ground. So add your voice and sing this song, become an instrument of praise!