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snowmanAs I clicked on the lectionary readings for this feast of the Presentation of the child Jesus in the temple, I could not stay there even though the stories of Simeon and Anna always give me a warm feeling about elderly people who have kept the faith all their lives and await the reward of their labors.

The wind is my distraction as it whips the snow around outside my window. I love all the seasons and would find it difficult to live anywhere other than the Northeast but this morning I can’t help thinking of the downside of the power of nature and the beauty of snow. I know there are people everywhere in big cities and even in my town, hovering in doorways or under bridges trying to keep warm. While I sit looking out I feel powerless to effect change on any large scale. Today, then, I will once again try to “think locally” about new possibilities for joining with others to alleviate the hardships of people who are outside looking in.