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creationAs I read Psalm 95 this morning I had images of families bustling about getting ready for Church. The subtitle of this psalm in one of my favorite translations names it Remembering the Past, Holding the Present and it got me thinking about how we celebrate the Sabbath. For some of those bustling families it’s about making sure their children participate in the faith formation classes that accompany the Sunday morning ritual, but the words of the psalm call me to reflect on the dispositions with which people come to those rituals.

Come, let us go into God’s presence full of song, and standing on the rock of our salvation, shout with joy. And in that presence let praise and thankfulness be offered there, for our God is greater far than any gods we claim to know or understand. God holds in care the earth we walk upon, from its deep caverns to mountain summits which meet the sky. For the waters of the oceans deep and the lands which stand above the seas, all these are God’s own finest act of artistry. So come, then, let us bow before this God of ours, and offer up our beings to the Lord. Listen deep within yourself to hear the voice of God who shepherds you and leads you forth to life.

So whether in church or mosque or synagogue, in a tiny cell or great cathedral or out in nature among the praising trees, let us come with all our hearts to a Sabbath day praising the God who holds us dear in life and love.