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nearmidnightThis morning I’m trying to go back in thought to last year at this time when we were on the verge of a new year. In some ways it’s difficult to comprehend the swiftness of the year’s passing. A common lament these days is ‘Where did the time go?” I need to reflect, however, on all that has happened, all that’s been accomplished, what has been born anew – and (maybe most importantly) what I have learned since the last turning of the year.

If we come to see life as a great adventure and mystery rather than something to be feared or accomplished, there is a surrender to possibility that can cause us to live each day in wonder and trust. The gospel reading for today is the Prologue of St. John in which we read about the Word of God coming into this world. The Word became flesh, John says, and made his dwelling among us. Christians believe that God’s intention for the world, the way would know how to live, came to fruition in the incarnation of Christ. God still dwells among us. Now it is up to us, with the guidance of God’s Spirit working among us, to fulfill God’s dream for our time. Today is a day to look back through the year just past, to evaluate and give thanks, and prepare for the year ahead – for whatever it will bring to us of grace and challenge.

Ready? Whatever it holds, we go together.