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adventlightoftheworldThis is my second try at saying anything worthwhile today that has not been said by wiser people. I was lamenting all the focus on consumerism that has blossomed into “Black Friday” beginning on Thanksgiving Day or before and continuing at least until the end of today (which is clearly not Friday any more) and then morphing into “Cyber Monday” when we can find the best deals on everything on the internet. It is rather depressing to me, a person who loves to give gifts, but who is keenly aware of the vast economic diversity in our country and elsewhere.

Today is the last day of the Church year and the gospel reading is sobering. Jesus is warning his listeners not to be spending their days in “carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of daily life” such that “the day of the Lord will catch you by surprise.” (LK 21:34) Although he is speaking of the end times we might consider that tomorrow is the beginning of the season of Advent. The psalm refrain announces that by crying out Maranatha! (Come, Lord!) If we are caught up in the anxiety-producing frenzy of the “Christmas rush” we may miss the opportunity to focus ourselves in preparation for the “reason for the season.” You can see, perhaps, why I am stumbling in an effort to say something unique about all this. So I’ll leave it there, with just one question for us all:

How will I create in myself a state of alertness for the next 25 days that will find me calling out to Christ from a place of readiness for his arrival in my heart?