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fergusonAs light returns silently to the sky in the Southern Tier of New York this morning the photos and reports of destruction in Ferguson, Missouri are in direct contrast in the wake of the decision of the grand jury in the Michael Brown case not to prosecute the policeman responsible for the death of Brown. As I reflect on the statement of the district attorney announcing the decision, which seemed to me so clear and well-founded from all the evidence presented, I feel only helplessness. Perhaps that is the feeling that comes closest to what those driven to violence are feeling. Their rage is incomprehensible to me because I am a Caucasian woman living in a rather racially homogeneous area of Upstate New York. I cannot feel from inside the black skin of the people of Ferguson whose experience of racial discrimination is unknown to me. I only pray, as does the family of Michael Brown, for peace and willingness to examine the evidence that is, uncharacteristically, being released to the public in its totality.

I have no more words this morning. My heart longs only for reconciliation and the unity born of love. May it be so.