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centeringYesterday I spent five hours with 19 delightful people in Cazenovia, New York, exploring the practice of Centering Prayer. I knew from the responses to my introductory question about prayer practices that the day would be a blessing. Everyone spoke in some way of being in God’s presence as foundational to their prayer lives in addition to praying those traditional prayers that had grounded them since childhood. From the lighthearted teasing of Jim, our only male participant, to the delicious desserts lovingly created by Kelli, our host, which punctuated the information sharing, the insightful questions and the deep silence of the three periods of prayer, it was no wonder there was such a feeling of love in the room! I was reminded of all that by a passage I read this morning from Macrina Wiederkehr’s book, Seven Sacred Pauses which said:

Your work is for the benefit of the whole world. When your spirit mingles with Spirit, you are transformed into a temple of God. Go deep into your temple. This is your real work place. Dwell there in silence that you may absorb the wonderful gifts of inspiration that wait for you in the darkness of your unknowing. In your contacts with people each day, you will be blessed if you remember that your work is your love poured out.

Together we spent the day, deep in the love of God and one another, making real the  love of God and love of neighbor which Jesus defines in the gospel today (MT 22:34-40) as the greatest commandment on which the whole law depends. May all of our “work” today be such a gift and blessing to all we encounter.