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gunThe news this morning is of violence in many quarters – very sad and wasteful in many stories of young life. It makes waking up a difficult task, as I turn to three ways to read Psalm 122. But there I find again the call to peace as the psalmist says:

I arose and went into your house when called to the worship of your name…Your holy name, O God, becomes for us a blessed city, a place of peace that draws us deeper in…Where people of every tongue and race rise up before the presence of your face to know and love the God of peace as one. So in this hallowed space and ground, your judgment and your rule of love becomes for us a kingdom. And may that kingdom come, your peace be done over all the earth, we pray. Within the inner walls of heart and soul, and on the outer towers of human being may peace descend and be for everyone a fortress and a keep where nothing evil enters in. And this we pray now for the good of all…

This is, it seems, the only answer – our duty and our hope – to pray for peace and become in our lives the peace we pray for in the world. And in that confidence, to find our rest in God.