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babyThis morning’s psalm selection contains my favorite verses from the Hebrew Scriptures (PS 139: 13-14). Truly You have formed my inmost being, the psalmist sings; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made; wonderful are your works!

The miracle of human gestation and childbirth is enough, the functioning of all the systems in our bodies an amazing encore. What always confounds me each time I encounter those verses is that although most people who are familiar with the psalms claim this one as a favorite, many have difficulty speaking of themselves as a truly wonderful creation – physically and otherwise. Why is it that we find it so difficult to accept God’s gift of ourselves? Some of the reasons stem, I think, from cultural influence and some from religious teaching about humility incorrectly defined. Humility is knowing ourselves, recognizing that all grace comes from God, accepting our gifts and talents, that is, seeing ourselves as God sees us – a wonderful creation, not better or less than any other creature but rather as a necessary cog in the wheel of life, responsible to be totally the “me” that God intended, recognizing that wholeness comes at the end of life’s journey, not at birth. Humility has nothing in it of pride or self-denigration but is rather the companion of truth.

Today, then, I choose to get on board with the psalmist and give God the credit that God richly deserves for creating the miracle of us!