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monicaToday is the feast of St. Monica, mother of the wayward youth, Augustine, who became a renowned saint in Christianity. Monica is well-known in her own right and revered especially by mothers who use her as a conduit to God when they need spiritual help in raising their children. Some would call Monica overbearing but most recognize the great need Augustine had for the presence and care of someone with his best interests at heart. What she did most was pray for him and love him and we certainly can’t argue with that! It took years, but Monica never gave up on her son and in the end Augustine saw the error of his ways in living a life of debauchery. We’ll talk about him (a complex character) tomorrow perhaps, as his feast day follows directly. Today, however, we are reminded to pray for mothers who are often the unsung heroes in life. We might pray especially for those mothers and children whose relationships have been difficult, that they might be reconciled, or that at least the offspring might be grateful for the gift of life given to them by their mothers.