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clutterMy first thought when I woke up this morning was about cleaning my bedroom – not a shock for anyone who frequently hears me lament about the sad state of it, but today is, I think, the day to dig in and get it organized. It is Saturday after all.

I smiled when I read the beginning of the psalm text for today (51: 12-19) that said, “A clean heart create for me, O God, and a steadfast spirit renew within me.” I guess the clearing out is going to go deeper than I thought upon waking. Certainly, total cleanliness and order of the inside and out of me will not happen in the next 12 – 15 hours but I do think there is merit to reflecting on how the two go hand in hand. Clutter is clutter, whether in the mind and heart or the physical space in which I live. I am reminded of the “Wisdom Schools” I have attended where one of the daily practices was conscious work – paying attention to an inner task (breathing, “Where are your feet?” or some such focus) while also doing an outer task (painting a table, raking leaves, hammering a nail…). So today as I rifle through piles of paper to shred and decide which books really would be of more help in a library or when I dust, I will try to penetrate those interior nooks and crannies of my soul for stuff that has been hiding in the shadows and needs to come into the light in order to be let go. Then maybe tomorrow I will feel lighter and steadfast in my resolve to “clean up my act” on a daily basis so God can easily walk around my bedroom and in the spacious chambers of my heart.