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whosayiamWhen I was in the novitiate, our bedrooms were simply places to sleep and not to adorn or decorate. I took a risk by taping a plain white poster with red lettering on the inside of my bedroom door. The risk wasn’t so great because the novice director would have to be inside the room with the door at least partly closed to see the poster – but I wasn’t very brave in those days! Maybe she did see it but chose not to remove it as it was a good spiritual practice for me. The question that I saw every morning and still try to ask myself often is the one Jesus asked the disciples in today’s gospel from Matthew 16. Only Peter answered him. I try to renew my answer frequently in my thoughts and actions – whether or not I am seeing the question in my mind’s eye. The question to them and to us is: Who do you say that I am?

What is your answer?